The sky and the stars sing make music to you
The Sun and Moon praise you
The Neteru (Gods) exalt you
The Neteru (Gods) sing to you



One-to-one gong healing

Gong is a very powerful tool for healing, transformation and insight. The vibration of the gong gradually shifts the pattern of the brainwaves taking you into a profound state that may otherwise take hours of dedicated meditation practice. Great healing can occur in this state with layers of stress and held emotions being released from the mind and body. The muscles can also release and relax, thus allowing deeper breathing and a increased sense of centredness. Some report receiving deep insights into themselves and their lives. Returning to a state of bliss and expandedness. The sheer beauty and awe at the many layers of sublime sound make this a truly special experience!

The gongs are likened to receivers for various aspects of divine consciousness.


Tao hands Blessings

This involves channelling through a high frequency healing vibration. I use my voice as a vehicle for this. A blessing can be requested for any area of life (health, finances, home and workspaces, emotions, relationships etc...). It can help to remove blockages on all levels.

It can be included within a gong session or added to a massage session.

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